"It's the best
mute-button I have
ever clicked."

- Some Engineer


Emulating the classics.

All the great consoles from API to Neve and SSL feature some version of this secret weapon. It's been relied on by some of the greatest engineers and producers of all time and used on countless iconic records.
 You might not immediately hear or know that it's there, but if it wasn't you'd appreciate the difference.


The most important tool in your arsenal.

By muting and unmuting elements in your mix you can truly judge what they bring to it.
It's easy to get carried away with noise making plugins and lose track of what the mix really needs.
The mute button is a crucial tool in every engineers arsenal so we set out to make the best one the world has ever seen.


Revolutionizing realism in film & TV.

It's been surprisingly hard for sound designers in the past to create believable audio for scenes featuring modern computers and running software applications.

Absolute Mute Pro includes realistic presets to help sound designers perfect the sound of any modern computer copying files, scanning databases, enhancing low resolution images and more.

Scenes in outer space have also been notoriously difficult for soundesigners to convey authenically in the past. 
But there are no more excuses as Absolute Mute Pro provides easy to use and true-to-life presets for a wide range of space sounds, including explosions, space ship engines, laser weapons and more.


Unlimited instances.

Load up as many instances your computer can handle. Combine the loudness and power of an unmuted signal with the tranquill silence of the a muted one. We call it parallel muting.

Double mute, tripple mute or quadruple mute any track with serial muting. As long as you have available insert slots, you have room for another Absolut Mute. To infinity and beyond!